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Rhino USA

Recovery Tow Strap Rhino USA

Recovery Tow Strap Rhino USA

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With an impressive break strength of 31,518LBS, the perfect companion for your next adventure (or misadventure). We engineered the Ultimate Recovery Tow Strap with the highest quality standards. It features many upgrades and features not found in your typical, value-brand tow strap. With one of the highest break strengths in the industry, a protective extra layer of protection sewn in the eyelets, and a one-of-a-kind poly-silk blend, you won’t find anything else on the market that can compare. And of course, like all premium Rhino USA products, it comes with a LIFETIME warranty.

Made from a unique poly-silk blend

Every other tow strap on the market (that we’re aware of, anyway) uses 100% nylon. Our tow straps use a unique blend of poly-silk, which is advantageous because it allows the tow strap to stretch by about 8%. This improves durability, strength, and allows for a smoother recovery.

Please note, however, that tow straps are NOT to be used in the same way as kinetic ropes. Tow straps are meant to be used for static recoveries (no running start) and not dynamic recoveries (requires a running start to build up kinetic energy). The stretch is more of an insurance policy, not a main feature. Check out our kinetic ropes if you’re interested in a dynamic recovery that requires a running start.

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